Chapter 3: Makin’ Moves

Chapter 2 Recap:  Eli explored Willow Creek and he was able to talk with some of the locals. By the end of the day, he was hired as a palette cleaner with Municipal Muses and met a spunky girl named Summer Holiday. Vowing to never sleep on a park bench again, he looks forward to what the next day will bring him… including an actual bed.  chpt 1 sleep2 Eli starts to wake up to the sound of chirping birds above him. As he stretches, he feels a twinge in his neck from the uncomfortable position he laid in all night. “Yikes!” he cringes “I am NEVER doing that again”. He sits up and looks at the world around him with squinted eyes. The sun, just peeking out of the horizon, colors the sky with bright streaks of red, pink, and orange. He yawns as he takes in the picturesque view.

I wonder what time it is… it can’t be too late.. I gotta be at work at 9am…. need to find a shower though, maybe the gym is open. He picks up his bag and heads over to Movers and Shakers. Thankfully, it’s open 24 hours a day, so he is able to head upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower and finally change clothes.

Chap 3 shower

After a nice shower, he takes out his only other outfit; a white polo shirt, blue jeans and matching shoes, and throws it on. He checks himself out in the mirror, making sure his shirt doesn’t look too wrinkly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have his maids and butlers anymore.

chpt 3 freshin up

Before heading off to his very first day of work, he takes a deep breath and gives himself a pep talk.

chpt 3 taking a deep breathe

Okay “Eli”… Impress Mr. Dennis with your artistic ability and maybe you will get a promotion in a day or two. This way, you will definitely have enough money to get some shelter and a bed… no more park benches for you… Oh yea andddd you have a little date with Summer tonight. You got this!

With one more glance at the mirror, he heads out to start his day.


After his first work day is completed, his growling stomach leads him to favorite grill by the water to create his “favorite” meal, charred hot dogs.

chapt 3 cooking meal

He scarfs a couple dogs down to help settle his hungry, yet nervous stomach before meeting Summer at The Blue Velvet. Every time, he thinks of her contagious smile and bright blue eyes, his palms become sweaty and his tummy does back flips. There’s just something about her that makes him feel……. complete. Isn’t it too early to feel that way?

chapt 3 eating

After taking his last few bites, he head over to meet her.


As he approaches the club, he hears the muffled thump of music from outside the venue. “Okay… here we go”, he says to himself nervously. He walks in and spots her standing with her friends.

She turns around exclaiming, “Eli! You made it!” and she gives him a big hug.

A little stunned at her excitement to see him, he hugs her back, breathing in the scent of her sweet perfume “Nice to see you again, Summer” He chuckles.

chpt 3 hugs

“Let me introduce you to my friends!”, she takes his hand and brings him over closer to the table.

“Bella and Jax. This is Eli, the guy I met yesterday. Eli, these are my friends”

“Nice to met ya” Jax replies.

“Oooh so THIS is the guy you have been so excited about, huh Summer? Very nice…” Bella teases. “Ever since yesterday, all she talks about is Eli this and Eli that…”

Summer blushes and whispers in a hushed tone “Really Bella?”

“Alright alright I’ll stop…” she laughs “It is very nice to meet you, cutie”, she smiles and winks at Eli.

He chuckles at Summer’s embarrassed expression and nods to them “It’s a pleasure to meet you both”

Bella stands “Come on Jax, let’s give these two lovebirds their privacy… walk me over to the bar so you can buy me a drink… have fun you too!” she smirked.

Jax shrugs and they both head to the other side of the club.

chpt eli watchin summer

Relieved that they left, Summer expresses “I knew she would that… typical Bella” she chuckles, tucking a few strands hair behind her ear. “I hope that it wasn’t too awkward for ya.. with her being flirtatious and all.”

He grins “Nah of course not. I’m only here for you anyway.”

They pause for a minute smiling at each other as a pop song starts to play.

chpt 3 sum & eli2

“Oh! This is my jam!” she squeals before grabbing his hand and leading him to the dance floor. “Come dance with me!”

The two dance together for hours, song after song after song. Eli can’t remember the last time he had this much fun with someone.

chapt 3 dancing w summer

chapt 3 more dancin

After while, the two plop in a chair, tired and out of breath.

“Phew” Summer breathes “That was fun! You’re such a good dancer”

Eli laughs “yea, I know a couple of moves, but you’re a way better dancer than me”

“Why thank you!” she replies, batting her eyelashes.

“So tell me more about you, Miss Holiday. I want to know everything about you” he leans in closer.

chpt 3 flattering summer

“Well.. hmmmm let’s see….” she twists her mouth up thoughtfully “I’m pretty outgoing.. I love to meet new people if u can’t already tell” she giggles. “I’m generally in a cheerful mood, like, all the time andddddd I’m pretty active. I love to workout and stay in shape”

Mhm, I can definitely agree with that one, Eli says to himself.

“Oh! and I also want to become a famous chef one day. I’m only a dishwasher now though, but I am a great cook! You should come over to my house so I can cook for you one day.” she giggles.

“I would love that” he smiles at her.

She grins “Well, what about you?”

“Oh um… I got a job at the museum. My first day was today and that went pretty well. My overall goal is to regain my fortu….uh.. I mean build a family. I’m really family oriented and ambitious. I want to make it to the very top of my career.

Hmmm, cute, family oriented, ambitious, and realllllly attractive! Could this be my next boyfriend? There is just something about him…. she thinks to herself.

“But yea that’s pretty much it, I guess….”

“Oh wow that’s interesting” she replies “There is just something so different about you”

“Like what?” he asks

“Hmmm I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it… but I like it” she grins.

The two take more time to get to know each other, talk about various topics, and of course flirt…. a lot.

chpt 3 blow a kiss

chpt 3 flirting

The chemistry between Eli and Summer grows stronger with each minute they spend together. Summer’s bright and gregarious personality balances out Eli’s ambitious and highly driven nature. Being around her, almost allows him to forget the terrible events that happened to him just days before. Is this what falling in love feels like?

Hours pass by without them noticing, but after a while they know that their time together is coming to a close.


“Ah man, it’s 2am already” she sighs looking at her watch.

They both get up and Eli caresses her soft hands, her fingers touches his palms.

“I just wanted to say that I had a really great time with you tonight” he expresses.

“I did too, Eli. I definitely want to spend more time with you.. if you want to of course” she adds shyly.

“Of course I do!” he reassures.


“Yes…Tomorrow”, he smiles.

chpt 3 holding hands

The music around them seems to fade as they look into each other’s eyes. She quickly glances towards his lips, longingly, but then looks back at him. Taking the hint, Eli slowly leans forward and Summer closes her eyes, ready for what’s going to happen. His heart begins to race as their lips touch, sending adrenaline throughout his body and making Summer’s heart skip a beat. As he breaks away, he caresses her cheek. She breathes in deeply and sighs.

chpt 3 first kiss


Eli and Summer eventually say their goodbyes and head home, anxious to see each other again the next day. As he sluggishly walks home, their very first kiss leaves a smile on his face. He can still feel her soft lips against his.

chpt 3 tired but happy

Eli managed to save enough money to purchase a small bedroom to stay the night in. It isn’t much, but it’s a lot better than that park bench.

chpt 3 new home

Eli changes into his pajamas and climbs into his “kinda sorta” soft bed, pulls the covers on top of him, and falls asleep… dreaming of Summer.

chpt 3 sleep w smile


Chapter 2: New Beginnings

Chapter 1 Recap: Eli relocated to an old estate in Willow Creek with only a few articles of clothing and $1,800 to live on. He has been dropped off by a taxi and now stands in the entryway of his new, but empty, home.

Chapter 1

Eli combs his fingers through his hair and looks around, “Well, I know that I passed a museum on the way here, so maybe I should head there first to lift my spirits. I might as well make some new friends too.. I know I’m gonna need the help. He then starts walking.

Chpt 1 Visiting the Museum #1

The warm breeze rustles through the flowering greenery that lines the front of the quaint building. As he enters, peace overtakes him, making him feel a lot better. “Wow” he says as he looks around, “this reminds me of my gallery at home”. Feeling serene, he spends hours gazing at the intricate paintings of flowers and gorgeous scenery, as well as sculptures of gods and goddesses.

Chpt 1 Viewing paintings #2

After a while, an older gentleman taps him on the shoulder and says, “Hello, young man! Never seen around before. Are you new here?”

Chpt 1 Meeting with townie  #3

Eli replies, a little startled, “Uh yea… I just got here”.

“Well, welcome to Willow Creek! I’m Dennis.. and you are…..?”

“Oh uh I’m Ellio…. Eli… Eli Harrington”, he chuckles nervously and extends his hand for a proper greeting “Nice to meet you, Sir”

Dennis shakes his hand “Oh you don’t have to call me ‘Sir’, Dennis is fine”, he smiles, “So, how do you like Willow Creek so far?”

“Oh okay” he chuckles “I think it’s really nice here, I love the weather.. it’s nice and warm… and this museum.. I love art….. I’m actually an artist myself”

“Oh that’s very nice”, seeming impressed, “…. yea I love this place too.. I lived here all my life…..”

The two continued to talk about art and life in Willow Creek.

Chpt 1 Meeting with townie  #5

“…. I guess my next step here is to find a job….” Eli continues.

“I know you are new here and you seem like a nice fellow with a good knowledge of art. I am one of the scouts here at Municipal Muses and we are always looking for new artists! I could start you off as a Palette Cleaner here until you prove yourself to me as a talented artist. How does that sound?” Dennis suggests.

“Oh wow, that would be awesome! Thanks so much! I will not let you down.” He reassures.

“Great! I will see you here tomorrow then!”

After a while, the two part ways and Eli heads upstairs to explore some more. Feeling inspired and excited about this new opportunity, he notices an empty easel in the corner of the room. To practice and pass some time, he decides to paint a few pictures. Maybe I can sell some of my art to art collectors to earn more money too, he thinks to himself. Eli always had a knack for painting since he as a little boy. His gallery at his old home was filled with paintings, ranging from realistic portraits to mesmerizing landscapes.

Chpt 1 painting  #11

As he creates, he gets lost in his own world. About 30 minutes later, his concentration is broken by the sweet smell of perfume passing behind him. He turns around and locks his eyes on a beautiful blonde having a seat on the mason bench near him. As a natural charmer, he feels compelled to find out who she is and what she is all about. He sits down next to her and greets her.

more summer

“Hey”, he grins “mind if I sit here?”

She looks up at him and smiles “Sure, of course! I’m Summer… not sure if I have seen you around before”

“I’m Eli… nice to meet you. I moved here today actually”, he replies.summer and eli

“Well awesome! I hope you like it here, I love it here. It’s always warm.. I just can’t stand the cold. Can you believe last winter, it stayed a beautiful 75 degrees the ENTIRE time?! I was chilling outside by the water on Christmas Day in a red and green bikini. I called up my parents to brag because where they live, they were stuck in a blizzard! I just hate snow.. I guess my parents named me perfectly then huh…..?”

As she rambles on, Eli gazes at her thinking, Man, she is beautiful, those sparkly blue eyes… and that smile…wow…. Could she be the one for me? I just so attracted to her. I definitely want to get to know her more to see if she could be my “partner in crime”

“….. and one time I had this cat…..” she pauses noticing his dreamy-like stare at her, “Eli? Earth to Eli…”

He snaps out of it and says “Oh yea the cat… sorry” he chuckles

“No worries ….I know I talk a lot. My roommates tell me that all the time” she laughs. “Well….Tell me something about you”

summer stuff

“I, uh..”, not knowing how much to reveal, “well….there isn’t much to me”, he lies, “I like to paint, but I love art in general, this is why the museum was the very first spot I visited. It makes me feel….. at peace.”

“That’s pretty cool… I see you started some work over there. Maybe you can paint a picture of me some time” she jokes.

“Yea I would love to…. you are absolutely gorgeous”

She blushes and smiles “Thanks… you don’t look to too bad yourself”

After some more casual conversation, Summer looks up at the wall clock and gasps “Oh gosh, I’m already late.. I’m supposed to meet with up with my roommate… but uh it was really nice to meet you!… Oh hey! My friends and I are meeting up at The Blue Velvet tomorrow night, you should come out! I would love to hang out with you more then!

Eli perks up “Oh yea definitely. I will be there!”

“Great! See you then!” She gets up and leaves the museum.


Man, this day is going a lot better than I planned..I met a wonderful girl… Thank goodness I packed some extra clothes, but if I’m going to impress this girl I am going to have to buy some more.. Damn… She CANNOT find out that I’m homeless either…….

Eli’s stomach growls loudly, breaking his train of thought. Oh yea..when was my last meal? He muses. He then leaves museum to see what he can find to eat. He grabs some hot dogs and hot dog buns from a grocery store, since they were the cheapest and easiest thing he could grab at the moment. Afterwards, he spots some grills outside by the water and decides to use one of them to cook his lunch.

chpt 1 making food

As the smell of the yummy hot dogs fill the air, some surrounding residents gather around. More than happy to share, he places the cooked food on table and spends some more time getting to know the locals.

chpt 1 meeting elderly

After making some new friends, Eli wanders to the park and begins to play some chess to pass the time and enjoy the lovely scenery that Willow Creek has to offer.

chpt 1 playin chess

A couple of hours pass by and the intensity of the past couple of days has caught up with him. Feeling exhausted, he drags himself over to a nearby park bench to have a seat.

chpt 1 sleep

Since he does not have a bed to lay his head, he decides to rest here for the night. “Tonight will be the first and last time I will ever sleep on a park bench” he vows sleepily
chpt 1 sleepy

He tries to get as comfortable as he can, before his heavy eyelids close and he falls asleep.chpt 1 sleep2

Character Bio: Founder Eli Harrington

Founder Eli

Founder Eli Harrington, formerly known as Prince Elliott Severn

Prince Elliott, son of King Abbas Severn and Queen Elizabeth Severn, was falsely accused of causing his father’s untimely death. With the help of his mother and his close friend Theodore Windsor, he was able to escape trial and execution. To start his new life, he relocates to his mother’s estate and changes his name from Elliott Abbas Severn to Eli Harrington after the name of his new home and in memory of his mother. He is a family-oriented, ambitious, art lover who has an aspiration regain is former fortune (become fabulously wealthy).

Chapter 1: The Escape

Prince Elliott hastily grabs his small backpack and shoves a few articles of clothing inside. Moving quickly but quietly, he scans his dark bedroom with squinted eyes, looking for things he may need for his unknown journey ahead. He jumps when he hears the melodic tones of his mansion’s doorbell ring. The downstairs lights are flipped on and he hears his mother answer the door. Elliott tip toes to his door and presses his ear against it to listen. He holds his breath, biting his bottom lip, knowing that his time here at home is drawing to an end.

He listens his sweet mother’s voice echo through the empty halls as she says “Greetings Sirs, what is the meaning of this late arrival to my home?”.

The officials bow deeply and their leader steps forward and states in a loud voice, “Our apologizes Your Grace, we do not want to give you any more trouble, but the Hand of the late King Abbas orders your son’s arrest for the murder of the King.”

The Queen breathes out a shaky breath thinking to herself ‘will these horrendous accusations ever end?’.

Regaining her composure, she smiles as sweetly as she can to her former allies and replies “I’m sorry Sirs, but he is not here. Unfortunately I do not know where he is. He has been questioned by everyone under the sun and his people spew slanderous statements about him throughout in the town. He needs to grieve in peace. So if you don’t mind. . .”

Elliott hears the large door groan as his mother attempts to shut it. The official suddenly stops the door from closing with his hand and states with a smug look on his face, “Ah ah ah, my Queen, we are not done here quite yet. Do you really think we believe you? We will be searching the area as well just to be sure.”

He shoves the official document in her hands before aggressively forcing his way inside, pushing Elizabeth backwards and onto the floor. He then begins to barks orders to his associates, “You three search upstairs and you two, come with me!”

Elliott snaps out of his trance when he hears footsteps climbing up the stairs. “Shit!” he whispers under his breath. As each step comes closer, his adrenaline pumps through his veins making his stomach flip and palms sweaty. He looks around his room one more time, trying to focus and calm his racing thoughts. He then remembers to grab the roll of $1,855 that his mother gave him just an hour before, throws on a black hoodie, and slips out of the window into the night.


He runs in the cold darkness for what seems like hours before finally reaching the flight pad where he sees his trusted family friend, Theodore Windsor. Theodore was a close friend of his father’s, retired pilot, and newest member of the King’s small council for his military expertise.

He greeted Elliott with a concerned frown and beckoned him to hurry into his personal helicopter “Hurry, hurry! What took you so long? We HAVE to leave now!” “I’m…. sorry……I’m just having a hard time leaving her….. alone here” he pants. The cold night air makes him cough as he tries to catch his breath.

“Don’t worry, my boy. She will be safe and sound I’ll make sure of that … you on the other hand, are not” he replies. He quickly looks around, making sure he wasn’t followed and whispers “We have no time… hurry and get in!”

Elliott climbs inside and buckles up. He takes a deep breath as he leans his head back into his seat and folds his arms to stop his hands from shaking. Theodore hurriedly starts the helicopter and takes off. After an hour or so, Elliott’s eyes begin to feel heavy and he drifts off to sleep as they soar into the night sky. His mind replays events that occurred just hours before.


Elliott is painting a portrait of his late father when his mother bursts his quarters frantic. “My son!” She shouts, They are coming to you arrest you! Right now! Theodore just called me…. they are accusing you of killing your father! They are going to put you on trial and execute you!” She then bursts into tears.

Elliott jumps up from his desk to comfort his mother “What?!?! but I didn’t do it! I did not know that cloak was poisoned, when I gave it to him….”.His heart starts to beat of out of his chest as he begins to feel faint. Tears begin to fill his eyes.

“I know baby, I know” she whispers. “They would have came for you sooner, but Theodore tried to stall them as much as possible. But we have a plan for you” 

She steps back from her son’s embrace, wipes her tears, and takes a deep breath before explaining. “You must meet Theodore at his flight pad on his estate and he will take you to your new home. Pack as lightly as possible, only bring the necessities. My family has a very old, but large secret estate in Willow Creek, that is far, far, away from here. When you get there, you will see a large knight statue on the grounds. Unfortunately, the mansion was destroyed many, many years ago so I don’t know what, if anything, is on that plot of land, but that’s the only place where you will be safe…”

Elliott furrows his brow and opens his mouth to argue, but she cuts him off. “NO Elliott,” she says sternly, “we do not have time to argue. You MUST carry on your father’s legacy and you cannot do that here. You are our only child, please…. promise me Elliott”.

He blinks as the tears in his eyes begin to flow freely. His voice cracks as he manages to utter “I promise Mom”

She nods saying “Good”. She lifts a finger to wipe his tears. “Here” she pulls out a roll of money “It’s $1,855, I’m sorry this is all I have to give you, I couldn’t make a large withdrawal or else it would look suspicious. Also, there should be a taxi driver waiting for your when land, give this to him.”

She slips him a small wrinkled piece of paper, “It’s the address of your new home. When you get to Willow Creek, do not tell anyone of your royal blood except the woman you choose to begin your legacy with. Do you understand?” Elliott nods, unable to find words.

She glances at the clock and gasps “Son, we don’t have much time, please get packed. Be quick and quiet. I will head downstairs and try to stall them. I cannot promise we will see each other again, but know that I love you” her eyes glisten with tears again as she hugs him once more, she lets him go and heads for the door. Before leaving, she turns back to say “Remember what we taught you… make us proud, my son” before cutting off the lights and closing the door.


Elliott jerks awake when he hear’s his name.“Elliott!” Theodore nudges “Wake up, we are here”

Elliott quickly wipes his tear-stained face and peers out the window to look sun coming up over the hills, painting the sky with oranges, purples, and blues.

“Welcome to your new home” Theodore says with a smile “Gorgeous isn’t it? And a lot warmer over here too!” Elliott appreciates his friend’s attempt to remain positive.

He smiles in response and looks back at him with tired eyes, “I owe you my life, Theo. Thank you so much… I will never be able to repay you”.

Theodore smiles and pats him on the shoulder. “Don’t mention it, you are the son I never had. Just promise me that you will lead a happy and successful life in this new world. You will be missed.”

“I will. I promise.” He replies. The two embrace each other for the last time before Elliott gathers his things, steps out of the helicopter, and head towards the taxi that’s waiting for him.


Elliott inhales deeply enjoying the feeling of the warm air in his lungs. He used to hate the cold, so at least the warm weather is a plus. He waves goodbye one more time to Theo before getting inside the taxi.

“Where to, Sir?” The taxi driver asks.

Elliott reads, ” uhhh…” he opens up the crumpled piece of paper with the address “1932 Harrington Oakenstead Way please”. At first, he was going to just pass the note to the driver, but he decided against it. He wanted to keep his mother’s note as a memory, so he tucks the note back into in his pants pocket.

“Yes Sir” the driver states then beings to drive.

Elliott looks out at the window and sees the “Welcome to Willow Creek” as they turn onto the main road. While they pass houses, stores, and various people, he takes this time to collect his thoughts.

Dear God, please protect my mother and keep her safe. I miss her so much already… I wonder how this new life is going to turn out. $1,855 is NOTHING compared to the luxurious life of fortune I am used to living. I have to work! The only thing I know how to do is boss people around and paint. I don’t know what I am going to do. I’m a good leader I guess… I don’t know…. wait no.. .Yes I am.. I can do this…. Mom said that the mansion on the land has been destroyed so what am I supposed to do with that? On top of that I am alone… Come on Elliott stop wallowing you have to make the best of it… Find a job, get some money,  find a woman, rebuild… yea that’s a good start. I’m not sure if going by Elliott Severn  is a smart idea. Even though I am miles and miles away from home, someone might recognize me… I’ll call myself ummmm… well my father’s middle name was Elijah  and my mom’s estate’s name is Harrington so I guess…..Eli Harrington?…a nod to my mom…man I miss them both so much… yea that’s it….Eli Harrington *sighs* Lord help me.

Elliott, now Eli, feels the car come to a complete stop in front of a vast plot of land, a completely empty plot at that. He groans “oh no” underneath his breath before the taxi driver says “Here is your stop Sir. 1932 Harrington Oakenstead Way. That will be $55”

Eli thumbs through a couple of bills before paying the driver “Thanks” he mumbles before grabbing his things and getting out of the car.

He stares at the empty land and spots the knight his mother was talking about in the middle of the land with the light of the sun reflecting against the silver metal.

“Well, this is it.. what do I do now?” he asks the knight.

 Chapter 1